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This is where we can talk and exchange ideas on all things relevant to Australian Immigration and PR. I encourage feedback and would welcome comments on any of the Blogs that I have written.

Australian Migration Law and Practice is a dynamic and rapidly changing area of law. Some changes are designed to improve the operation of our Immigration system and to fine tune the skills and qualities of the Visa Applicants, whilst others are more politically motivated. In either event, keeping track of what is current and identifying the appropriate visa, or visa pathway, is becoming more complicated.

I would urge anyone contemplating making an Australian Visa Application to consult with an Australian Registered Migration Agent before preparing their Visa application.  There may be a better way to achieve the desired outcome and without a comprehensive knowledge of Migration Law, opportunities may be foregone.

Hopefully, this Blog will discuss some of the changing areas of Migration Law and may facilitate the preparation of your Immigration Application or obtaining Australian PR.