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Employer Sponsored Visa

Employer Sponsored Subclass 186 Visa (ENS)


The Employer Sponsored Subclass 186 visa is great if your occupation is on the Migration list, you have three (3) years of relevant post qualification experience and your employer prepared to sponsor you.


Training Levy and Labour Market Testing (except Int. Trade agreements)  apply .

Three Streams available within the Employer Sponsored Subclass 186 visa:

  1. Direct Entry - where the applicant has nomination from an eligible Australian employer, and the occupation appears on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations, or

  2. Labour Agreement - where the nominating  employer is a  party to a labour agreement, this may be available to you, or

  3. Temporary Resident Transition Stream: For holders of subclass 457, 482 or related Bridging visas A, B or C.  Employment criteria and nomination apply to qualify for this stream.

An application for the Employer Sponsored Visa Subclass 186 is an Australian PR Permanent Resident Visa Australia application.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa Subclass 494 


The Skilled Employer Sponsored Subclass 494 visa replaces the Subclass 187 visa from 16 November 2019.


The Skilled Employer Sponsored Subclass 494 consolidates the trend towards using provisional visas as a pathway to Australian PR Permanent Residence via the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Subclass 191.

Eligibility criteria for the  Skilled Employer Sponsored Subclass 494 include a 45 year age limit, competent English, RCB advice and must meet the AMSR. Visa applicants must have a suitable skills assessment and at least 3 years’ post qualification skilled employment.

Visa Conditions will ensure that visa holders live, work and study only in regional areas (condition 8579) and only in the nominated position.


Skilled Employer Sponsored Subclass 494 Visa holders can move between regional areas. Regional areas are defined as any area excluding Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth , Adelaide, NT and Gold Coast are classified as regional areas. 


Holders of the Skilled Employer Sponsored subclass 494 visa will be unable to apply for most other skills based visas in Australia unless they have completed at least three years in a designated regional area, unless exceptional circumstances exist



Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (TSS) Subclass 482


The Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 Visa replaces the previous 457 (Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa) and is designed to temporarily fill skills shortages in those occupations where employers are searching for staff and cannot source them locally.

The TSS subclass 482 visa supersedes the 457 visa and in all respects provides more stringent requirements for approval. English Language, Labour Market Testing, Market Rate Pay, TSMIT, 2 years prior skilled experience, Skills Assessment, Police Checks and payments to the Skilling Australia fund are factors that may need to be considered.


The TSS visa requires that you be sponsored (and Nominated) by an Australian Employer to be eligible to make application.


There are three streams to this visa:

The Short Term Stream: The Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) specifies occupations eligible to apply for this stream. The visa term is 2 years with a further 2 year term available by application. There is no avenue to Australian PR permanent residence available via this stream

The Medium Term Stream: Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). This stream provides a term of up to 4 years and a pathway to Australian PR Permanent Residence after 3 years work.

The Labour Agreement Stream: For occupations where a Labour Agreement has been, or is to be, negotiated with the Department of Home Affairs.

We strongly suggest that employers and/or applicants get in touch with us if they are contemplating an application for the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 visa.

Temporary Skills Shortage Subclass 482 (TSS) Legislative Instruments

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IMMI 18/039: Mandatory Skills Assessment—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018

IMMI 18/032: Language Test Requirements—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018

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IMMI 18/035: Specification of Exempt Occupations) Instrument 2018

IMMI 18/039: IMMI 18/039: Mandatory Skills Assessment—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018

LIN 18/036: Period, manner and evidence of labour market testing) Instrument 2018

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IMMI 18/017: Specification of Training Requirements for Regulation 2.87B) Instrument 2018 (No longer in force)