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How   Much   Improvement    do you need ?

Importance of English Language to your Australian Visa

English Language proficiency is a component of every Australian Visa application.


All Australian Permanent Visas require an English level equivalent to IELTS 6 as a condition of Application. Temporary Visas also require an English Language proficiency, which in the absence of any exemption, is set roughly as the equivalent of IELTS 5.


Additionally, your English Language proficiencey is the most significant component of  your points score, with the capacity to add up to 20 points (of the 65  point threshold) - IELTS 6 is the expected minimum and does not contribute any points to your score, IELTS 7 (or equivalent) will generate an additional 10 points and IELTs 8 (or equivalent) will give you a massive 20 points to your score. The 10 or 20 point differential available through improving your English language proficiency could represent the difference between getting an invitation or not or having to wait many months to see if you have been selected.


I would strongly suggest that you look at the opportunities that you have to improve your English language proficiency when formulating your strategy for making application for an Australian Visa. 

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