Overseas Skilled Worker Recruitment

If you are an Employer and have not been able to fill your skilled positions with local staff or need expertise that is only available overseas, perhaps we can help you.

We have a constantly expanding database of overseas applicants that are prepared to work and will contemplate work locations anywhere in Australia.

An enquiry will cost you nothing and may provide a solution to your staffing requirements...

Corporate Solutions


Reasons to consider Overseas Recruitment:-

  • A bigger pool of highly skilled workers,

  • Comparable Recruitment Costs,

  • Locate Staff to Fill Regional Shortages,

  • Find Skills that are not locally available,

  • Capitalise on International Trade Agreements,

  • Trade, Skilled or Professional Staff

  • Multilingual and culturally adept

Migration Options (both Short or Long Term):

Subclass 482 Temprary Skilled Shortage,

Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme,

Subclass 187 Regional Skilled Migration Scheme,

Subclass 400 Short Stay Specialist,

Subclass 407 Training Visa, &

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity. 

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