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Migration Agent in Brisbane Contact Details

Migration Agent on Gold Coast Contact Details

Our Registered Migration Agent welcomes calls from people or business that are seeking to find out whether they might be eligible to apply for an Australian Visa or Australian PR. If you would like to get in contact during business hours, our mobile telephone number is +61 401 866 248.


We recognise that calling our mobile telephone may not always be practical because of time differences or other reasons. Please make use of our email address or one of the email boxes to get in contact with our migration agent. Alternatively, we also have provided contact details for WeChat, WhatsApp and Line. 

We are also available for a paid Australian PR Visa Migration consultation and generally connect through Skype if a physical meeting cannot be organised.

We service Immigration clients within Australia and Internationally. Our Migration Agent is available to meet with clients either in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

Most times, we will be able to answer your Australian PR visa questions immediately. On the odd occasion, however, we may need to consult Immigration Legislation to ensure that we provide you with the most recent Immigration advice. Please leave your contact details to allow us to get in contact with you and respond to your enquiry.

Finally, our contact details are for our immigration clients to contact our Migration Agent in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast to consult regarding Immigration Matters. Please do not use our contact details to send emails for marketing or Spam.

Australian National Visa Service (ANVS)

Brisbane & Gold Coast, Australia
+61 401 866 248


+61 401 866 248

+61 401 866 248

Please use this form to contact us by email

Australian National Visa Service

ABN: 21 032 761 357

Brisbane & Gold Coast, Queensland


Mob: +61 401 866 248

WeChat: ANVS_Migration

WhatsApp: +61 401 866 248

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