Global Talent Program

Global Talent Program



Global Talent Independent Program

On 4 November 2019, the Hon David Coleman MP officially launched the Global Talent Program, which offers a streamlined, priority visa pathway for highly skilled individuals to work and live permanently in Australia. The Global Talent Program is designed to strengthen Australia’s ability to compete for the world’s best and brightest skilled migrants and grow Australian businesses of the future. 


The eligibility requirements for the Global Talent Program include that the candidate:

  • is highly skilled and internationally recognised in one of seven target sectors (listed below); and

  • has the ability to earn the Fair Work High Income Threshold (currently $148,700). 


In assessing whether a candidate is likely to have the ability to meet this salary threshold, the Department will consider: current salary or future job offers; as well as candidates who have recently graduated or are soon to graduate with PhD or Masters qualifications in the target sectors.


The following target sectors have been selected to foster growth in future-focused industries:

  • AgTech

  • FinTech

  • MedTech

  • Cyber Security

  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing

  • Energy and Mining Technology

  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT


Individuals who meet the requirements of the Global Talent Program will be provided with a unique Global Talent identifier, which provides priority processing for a Distinguished Talent Visa application.   Candidates accepted into the program will receive streamlined, priority processing.


Applicants need to meet the Distinguished Talent visa regulatory criteria, including health and character requirements, before a visa can be granted.

Distinguished Talent Visa

Distinguished Talent Visa Summary

This visa is designed for people who are internationally recognised for exceptional and outstanding achievement in: a profession, the arts, sport, research or academia. The applicant will need to be active in the field of expertise and will need University sponsorship. This visa allows the applicant and dependent family members to live as a permanent residents in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sponsorship is required

  • Must have a record of exceptional and outstanding achievement and must be internationally recognised in a profession, the arts, sport, research or academia.

  • Relevant qualifications and/or awards received by internationally recognised institutions.

  • Evidence that the applicant is still prominent in the field.

  • The applicant must be active in their field of expertise; the achievements must be internationally recognised.

Global Talent Program

Distinguished Talent Visa Details

Note: Persons holding Electronic Travel Authorities, Visitor, Tourist and Business-(short stay) or Special Purpose visas are not eligible to apply.


Australia PR Visa

The Distinguished Talent visa is a permanent residence visa. It allows you and your dependent family members to live as a permanent resident in Australia. As an Australian permanent resident you can:

  • live and work in Australia on a permanent basis

  • study in Australia at school or university

  • receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

  • access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods)

  • be eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria)

  • sponsor others for permanent residence

To benefit from the priority processing provided by the Global Talent Program, you must meet both the Global Talent Program and the Distinguished Talent Visa requirements



You must have an eligible person or organization to nominate you for the Distinguished Talent Visa. The nominator is a person or organization with a national reputation in Australia in your field of expertise.


The nominator must know you personally and be one of the following:

  • an Australian citizen

  • an Australian permanent resident

  • an eligible New Zealand citizen

  • an Australian organization


The role of the nominator is to recommend you as a person of distinguished talent. They do this by completing a nomination form and giving it to you to attach to your visa application.

The nominator will need to include the following documents with the completed nomination form:

  • a personal, comprehensive statement of the visa applicant’s achievements in their field

  • details of the visa applicant’s and nominator’s achievements in your common field

  • relevant supporting documentation about the visa applicant
    Examples: newspaper/magazine articles, supporting comments from qualified people

  • details of employment arrangements or other assistance used to help establish the visa applicant


Bringing family

You may apply to bring:

  • your partner

  • you or your partner’s dependent children

  • other dependent relatives living with you

Your Record of achievement

You must have a record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a profession, the arts, sport, or research and academia. You must still be active in your field of expertise. Your achievements must be internationally recognized.

You will need to include the following documentation with your application:

  • information provided by your nominator

  • relevant qualifications and/or awards including those received from internationally recognized institutions

  • advice from government, professional, scientific, cultural, sporting or other relevant bodies in Australia



You must provide evidence that you are still prominent in your profession, the arts, sport or research and academia.


You will need to include the following documents with your application:

  • references from people qualified to assess your claims to ‘distinguished talent’

  • items about yourself from the media
    Examples: newspaper or magazine articles or TV programs



You must be able to obtain employment or become established independently in Australia in your area of expertise.


You must be able to show either that:

  • you have a job, or

  • you can establish a viable business in Australia


You will need to include the following documentation with your application:

  • information provided by your nominator

  • your employment/business background

  • your knowledge of employment/business opportunities in Australia in your field

  • letters from organizations in Australia as evidence of future employment in Australia

  • correspondence with relevant bodies in Australia as evidence of a possibility of establishing a business in Australia

  • qualifications or experience acquired during previous residence in Australia


Asset to Australian community

You must be considered a potential asset to the Australian community. You must show how your settlement in Australia could contribute economically, socially or culturally to the nation as a whole – not just a local community.



Between 18 to 55 years of age or provide evidence that you would be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community.



You must be able to support yourself and all accompanying family members. You must not be financially dependent on the Australian community.

Health & Character

You and your family members must meet health and character requirements.

English language

You will need at least functional English. or pay the second installment visa application charge.

Visa Conditions 

It is also expected that you will contribute to Australia in your field of expertise.